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It’s time for a shift. We deliver strategic planning to help experienced business leaders redefine market differentiation and unlock comprehensive business insights for sustainable growth.

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Case Study: 27% Average Annual YOY Growth Rate

Using targeted media, a combination of traditional and digital media, and consistent optimization, Scale transformed a regional flooring brand into a powerhouse able to compete with industry giants.

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* For those who qualify and depending on evaluation of available data, media audits MAY include the following:

Demographic/Geographic Segmentation: Divide your market based on demographic factors such as age, gender, income, education and occupation as well as by geolocation.

Media Consumptions Interpretation: Understand how target audiences engage with various forms of media, including television, radio, OOH, websites, social media platforms, and other digital content.

Media Mix and Channel Assessment: Review the mix of media channels used and their individual and collective effectiveness in reaching the target audience.

Seasonality Analysis: Consider the timing and scheduling strategy of the media plan to determine consistency with target audience's habits and preferences.

Media Performance Analysis: Evaluate the metrics and analytics used to measure campaign performance, including reach, frequency, engagement, conversion rates.

Competitive Spend Analysis: Assess the magnitude of competitive spend in the market, including share of voice and competitive spend.